Sports Physicials

Sports Physicals

Prevent Injuries With a Thorough Sports Physical from Dr. Ashraf

Sports injuries can last a lifetime! Let R.S. Ashraf MD examine your child to ensure they are fit for participation in whatever sport appeals to them.

Comprehensive Exams Help Keep Your Child in the Game

A successful sports season is a season where your children enjoy themselves and escape serious injury. Make sure your child is healthy enough to participate in your school’s extra-curricular activities and sports program with a careful exam from R.S. Ashraf MD.

Much like a wellness exam, a good sports physical provides a thorough review of your child’s health and medical history, coupled with a comprehensive physical exam, and completion of any required paperwork.

Establishing a baseline of health

  • Measuring your child’s height and weight
  • Checking blood pressure
  • Examining vision
  • Examining lungs, ears, nose, throat, and more

Protect your child with careful attention following a sports incident

Has your child been injured on the field? Don’t just brush it off. Let Dr. Ashraf examine your child to ensure there is not unseen damage or anything that might require additional attention.