Sick Visits

Sick Visits

Get the Quick and Effective Care Your Sick Child Needs

Sick Visits Put Your Child Back on the Road to Wellness

When your children are ill, you want them taken care of as quickly as possible. R.S. Ashraf MD offers same-day visits and the expertise you’re looking for to care for everything from a small injury to a dangerously high fever.

Our offices in Granite City and Collinsville feature personalized care and the loving attention of a personable and experienced staff. We’ll keep your child as comfortable as possible, and give you the advice and peace of mind you’re looking for to ensure a safe and sound recovery.

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Addressing every childhood illness

  • Runny noses

  • Bad coughs

  • High fevers

  • Flus

  • Acute and chronic illnesses

  • Small injuries, and more

Prevent future illnesses with regular checkups

Illness prevention is always better than looking for a cure. Be certain that your child is in good health with regular wellness exams. Routine checkups help you create a baseline by which you can judge your child’s issues and development. Schedule a regular appointment as soon as possible.